Thursday, November 5, 2009

A FREE QUILT for the Auction

Click on this link to a fun GIVE-AWAY here at Jaybird Quilts!!!

These little kiddos are trying out the "FREE QUILT" I recently made!

My "Guitar Boy's" Charter School was having a fund raiser so I dug in to my stash to make a quilt for the silent auction. I needed to make it quick so I cut browns and blues into large blocks. I let my hubby set them into a pleasing design of his choice and I think he did a great job!!!

The backing was from my stash. Then I pieced together batting scraps then quilted it with a design, that could please both male and female, of leaves, cattails and swirls. Bound it with leftover scraps from the blocks......So.......It's a FREE QUILT!

I love FREE QUILTS.....don't you??

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our small HARVEST of PUMPKINS were just picked when I snapped this photo.

Before we get too far away from Halloween I wanted to show what my "guitar boy" was for Halloween. I really don't know WHAT HE WAS......but this is what he looked like. He received quite a bit of attention from the other party goers at our YM/YW Halloween Party. I actually painted his face for him and I got the idea from our grandson that lives in Colorado when he went to a theme park and had HIS face painted for FUN! I just copied and it turned out pretty freaky lookin!!

And this was a fun Halloween Wall Hanging that I quilted. The candy corn border was so perfect for this fun quilt!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clisty's Signature Wedding Quilt

On February 2, 2002 (yes, it was Groundhog Day!) my daughter, Clisty was married. Instead of using a guestbook to sign in each guest, I made signature blocks from fabric. Each block was made with three pieces of fabric. Two colored or printed pieces of fabric on the outside of an off white piece of plain muslin. The guests would sign in the white area their name and any advice or congradulations they desired.
This is the quilt all put together. Clisty and Lloyd treasure this quilt as a remembrance of their special day! It's fun to search over the quilt to read the heartfelt and sometimes funny messages that will always be there to remind them of family and friends.....

At the top border I quilted in their name and wedding date!
(Excuse my toes at the bottom of the pic, I stand above my quilts when I take pictures of them!)

In the border I quilted reversing hearts with a little vine going through each heart.

In the body of the quilt I quilted a trailing vine throughout that coordinates with the heart vines.

In the back I used up and pieced some extra fabric to make the backing a bit larger. This purple is pretty true to the colors. Clisty's colors for her wedding were green and purple.

This back picture is not true to what the color is. I used different lighting in order to show you the quilting better. It is fun when a quilt is made with MEMORIES attached!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This quilt was pieced by a fellow Guild Member that had a daughter getting married. The hubby-to-be didn't like "quilts". Soooo....Mom-in-Law pieced a contemporary quilt! I used a contemporary quilting design to complement the piecing and fabrics.

I think it turned out Fabulous!

By the was a HIT with the NEW COUPLE!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Granddaughters Quilts

This is a close up of little Jordyn's quilt. The alternate squares are Minkee! (Very soft, velvety fabric) The pieced squares are scrappy greens, pinks and purples.

I free-handed the quilting. Hearts in the minkee and flower or leaves in the pieced squares. The border is also free-handed with hearts and loops.

Below is the back of a quilt made for a Granddaughter. Flowers and hearts were freehanded on this one.

Here is the front. Squares of yellow, pink and orange. Bright happy colors.

This closer view shows that I also used chenille squares. Chenille was very popular years ago used in bedspreads. It is a fun retro fabric to use now in making quilts, stuffed animals, soft toys, bedroom decor, etc.

This little Granddaughter is happy with her new quilt. This quilt is also is somewhat scrappy. I used bright pinks that some are a soft, plushy, minkee fabric and bright yellows with a white background and border where I could use a bright pink quilting thread to quilt hearts around the border!

And here is another sweet baby Granddaughter that just received her quilt! It is done in beautiful greens that also has the plushy minkee in it. This pattern is called "Yellow Brick Road" which is fun to use different coordinating fabrics. Grandpa and Grandma are enjoying this visit in Colorado with the Grandchildren.

This quilting on this one is echoed hearts. Fitting for a baby we love!

This next quilt was made for a niece's new baby girl. This is how I signed it on the back, in the hearts that I quilted onto the quilt. Their LAST name is Ball. Hence, "Ball Baby"!

This shows the back where you can see the quilting pattern better.

And the front shows the lime green and hot pinks used. I tend to enjoy putting together scrappy fabrics and using what I have....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Favorite Quilts

Yes, I do have Favorites.....They are the quilts that I make for my Grandchildren!! I collected browns and pinks for a while before starting this quilt...Do you know how many different pinks there are!! I had to choose just the RIGHT PINKS!! But it was fun searching!

This pattern came from an Art To Heart book called Winsome Baby... The name of the quilt is Pip Squeak Baby Name Quilts.

The hard part was deciding which fabric goes in what block

There is some applique work and the iron on fusible is what I used...Then I machine button hole stitched it to the background.

There is also embroidery work as you can see. I took THIS handwork on our trip to Lake Powell last summer and enjoyed the restful work it provides while relaxing on the houseboat!

Most of the machine quilting was free hand but I did use my computerized on the border and in a few other places. In a few blocks I quilted flower fairies.
Those digitized patterns were created by Anne Bright

This is the back, a soft pink with white polka dots....

You can see the quilted flower faries and other free hand quilting.

On the back I used a pink soft Minkee-like fabric.

I put in alot of Whimsical designs for the quilting! I tell the little Granddaughters to see if they can see the "hidden" flower faries....It is fun to watch them search for the faries.

It is a sweet, cuddly, special quilt for our now, one year old, Sophie!

Yes, she is our little "Pip Squeak"!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This is another quilt pieced by my sister. The large print is bright and looks like a flourishing flower garden! It is actually the 2nd of one, just like it! If I can find the pictures of the first one I will post them later........Again, she does great work!

I quilted a leaf pattern in the small floral blocks, a simple flower blossom in the large floral blocks and double outlined the colorful sashings.

In the setting triangles I had to split a block pattern in order to make it a triangle shape. I used a bright green thread in the black settings. I love how the color pops in the black! In the smaller border I free-handed the swirls. The outer border I put in a double line piano key border. I like the geometric look when there is a lot going on in the prints.

I am sew glad you stopped by..... hope you have enjoyed the view!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

During our November (2008) Quilt Guild meeting a member asked for volunteers to piece, quilt and bind lap quilts for Bear River Activity and Skills Center.

BRASC trains adults with developmental disabilities in communication, self care, independent living skills, fine and gross motor skills, and social behaviors. The program is one of approximately 70 projects operated through the CPD on the Utah State University campus.

My small circle of friends, that I meet with monthly to sew with, and I, took on several of the quilts. My friend, Annette, pieced this one. I quilted it and my sister-in-law, Val, and another friend, Louie bound it.

The quilt is pieced in orange fabric of different designs. It definately IS a HAPPY QUILT!!!!

We were told a male adult will receive it.
I quilted it with a pattern called Champagne Bubbles! I wanted it to be fun but masculine!!

I have used this quilting pattern on many quilts as it is fast, fun and can either be for girls, boys, men or women!

The back was also pieced with lots of different fabrics!

Here are some of the ladies that worked on the quilts from my Quilt Guild. I will also add some links if you would like to read about this project!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year! May you have good health and lots of time to do the things that bring joy and happiness to your life!!!

During 2007-2008 I was on the board of my quilt guild and my assignment was to plan the Friendship Blocks Exchange. This quilt was made from those Friendship Blocks.
The quilt was given to our outgoing President of the Guild.

I quilted this quilt using a co-ordinating feather pattern throughout the quilt, except in the red sashing and the setting triangles. The feather patterns are one of my favorites!

The sashing swirls were free-handed!

Hope you have enjoyed looking!