Thursday, January 8, 2009

During our November (2008) Quilt Guild meeting a member asked for volunteers to piece, quilt and bind lap quilts for Bear River Activity and Skills Center.

BRASC trains adults with developmental disabilities in communication, self care, independent living skills, fine and gross motor skills, and social behaviors. The program is one of approximately 70 projects operated through the CPD on the Utah State University campus.

My small circle of friends, that I meet with monthly to sew with, and I, took on several of the quilts. My friend, Annette, pieced this one. I quilted it and my sister-in-law, Val, and another friend, Louie bound it.

The quilt is pieced in orange fabric of different designs. It definately IS a HAPPY QUILT!!!!

We were told a male adult will receive it.
I quilted it with a pattern called Champagne Bubbles! I wanted it to be fun but masculine!!

I have used this quilting pattern on many quilts as it is fast, fun and can either be for girls, boys, men or women!

The back was also pieced with lots of different fabrics!

Here are some of the ladies that worked on the quilts from my Quilt Guild. I will also add some links if you would like to read about this project!

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