Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Quilt

This Christmas Quilt, by Primitive Gatherings..."Home for the Holidays" was pieced and appliqued by my friend, Shanna G. Isn't it great?
 The outer border has a quilted poinsettia pattern that wraps around the whole quilt! The thread color is a rich gold color that shows up well on the deep, red, reindeer fabric but doesn't overpower the border. Then I chose a holly and berry quilting for the tan border.
 THEN, a cute "jingle bell" quilting pattern for the red inner border fit just right!
 In the pieced block is a swirly holly pattern. I don't know if you can see it well enough but the piecing is scrappy using Christmas prints...The various tan background are tiny prints of stars, holly garland, reindeer, candy canes, poinsettias, and holly leaves. Sooo cute!
 The red and green are of the same fabric line and have the same "little" prints on them!
 The sock, angel, candy cane, donkey, baby Jesus, tree, etc. are all wool and appliqued on a striped background fabric.
 There is a little swirly pattern I put in the triangle corners of the applique blocks. It fit just perfect in there!
 The more I quilted on this quilt, the more I LOVED it! In fact, it was one of those quilts that I wished it were mine.....soooooo
 .....my friend, Rachael and I located the fabric kits for this quilt and we now have them! We'll be getting together and working on this quilt this coming year!
And I know exactly how I am going to quilt it!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Quilting at the Cabin!

At least 2 times a year my sisters and I meet at #3-sister's Cabin and sew/quilt all week! ( We even stay in our pajamas part of the day, until it is time to walk/exercise in the mountains.)
 These are some of the projects we worked on a year and a half ago!

And this is Cabin Girl's beautiful New York Beauty!!! AND it IS a "Beauty"!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Having So Much Fun Quilting That I Have Neglected My Posts!!1

Chevron quilt made for an upcoming baby boy! Back of the Chevron Quilt. Zig zag pattern used on this.

               Another baby boy quilt! Each of these blocks were cut from
     ONE piece of fabric. It was a bolt of a gradient grey!  Great idea right?!
I used a pattern called "Spilt Paint" which looks a little like meandering/stippling.
Embroidery Basket Quilt made by a friend in Nevada. Looks vintage but it's newly made!
 I don't know if you can tell here but each of the embroidered baskets coordinates with the triangle fabric surrounding it!
Back of embroidery quilt.

This is similar to a string quilt. She used lots of happy fabrics and 4 embroidery blocks in the 4 corners...
              This is a little bit closer view! She does beautiful embroidery!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mystery Quilt Finished!

"Round and Round"

The Mystery Quilt, named "Round and Round" is completed. I would like to give credit where it is due. Amanda from "Crazy Mom Quilts" designed this pattern and gave me permission to use it for our guild "Mystery". The quilts that were completed by other guild members were fantastic! This was a simple, yet fun and do-able quilt to complete. Especially if you were using a Jelly Roll for your strips, as they were already cut and a co-ordinated fabric line.
The pattern I used to quilt this on my Intelliquilter is from the collection of Anne Bright.
This picture shows the actual colors of the quilt! Very white background and vivid teals, spring greens and deep browns. The quilting thread I used is also a bright teal.
Right now this is one of my favorite quilts!