Friday, November 21, 2008

My Sister's Quilt

My sister, Brooke, is a fabulous quilter! She has a great eye for color and I'll show you with this quilt that she pieced. It is a broken star pattern and she has used the most lucious batik's in various shades of purple and teal. The pictures shows the teal as green but it really is a beautiful, rich TEAL.

I quilted a feather motif in each of the paralellogram shapes. In the light lavender spaces I put a swirl/ribbon motif.
In the deep purple outer borders I put a continuous feather plume that meets a square feather motif in each corner. The pieced chunky block border has a smaller, chunkier, continuous feather that wraps around.
The smaller dark purple border has a freehand little undulating swirl.
This was one quilt that I hated sending back to it's home!!! It is more beautiful than these pictures show! Thanks, Brooke, for letting me quilt this one!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The last few Indian Summer Days of October.

We wrapped up last week with a four wheeler/motorcycle ride with my 10 year old son. He had been to a motorcyle track with some friends a few days earlier and since there was no school for him that day he wanted to show me "the track". I, on my 4-wheeler, and he, on his Honda 70, rode down the side roads a couple miles before we arrived. I had no idea where it was so getting there was new to me.

I sat and watched while he "caught air" on the jumps!! It was a beautiful day and fun to see him have such a great time.

He likes to do "wheelies", too.

This was most likely the last time, this year, we were able to go for dirt bike ride. The cold, wet weather is on it's way!

Now, for the Quilting!...Last week I finished quilting an "Iris" quilt pieced by a super lady, named Joyce, that lives in Nevada City, California. The flower petals of the iris were pieced using drunkards path blocks in various hues of pinks and purples. She used some beautiful batik fabrics.

The back ground was pieced with creams and whites. I quilted "Iris" at the top of the quilt and tight stippled around it.

The two upper right and left corners I added ribbon motifs in the background.

The two lower portions of the background I added a matching ribbon motif with an Iris placed in the center. Most of the background was tight stippled. The blossom of the iris was "McTavished". You can't see the border as it is too dark. I quilted a simple iris blossom repeated along the borders.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To Quilt or Not to Quilt?... what a silly question!!!

Welcome to Holly's Quilts and a Little Bit More!

It is such a beautiful Fall Day here in Utah. The weather is warm (70 degrees) and the sky is clear. My son is out picking the "final" apples off of our apple trees before the storm gets here this week-end. Halloween is just a few days away and our family will be hosting the "missionariess" for dinner that night! I think we will serve them "chili" and "green, hairy, witches fingers"!! Sounds fun, huh?? I have made these BREADSTICKS 4 times in the last couple weeks! They really ARE good and easy to make. Everyone ate them up, except my 4-year old granddaughter (she thought they were real and got grossed out). Here they are served at the Halloween Party we went to a couple weeks ago. You can even serve them with a side of "blood" (marinara sauce) for dipping!

This fall I wanted to make a daughter-in-law a table runner for her birthday. I made one for myself for a practice piece. When I showed it at my quilt guild I had orders to quilt 6 more! I finished the last 2 last night....Still have ONE more to do (my sister wants one!). Here is mine on my kitchen table. It is about 41" x 17". Mine is quilted on a Moda Marble (deep orange) fabric and I used a brown botanical print on the back that was from my stash. It was quilted with a verigated green thread by King Tut and I used Hobbs 80/20 batting.

This quilting of this pumpkin table runner is NOT quilted on a Moda Marble. This customer chose a different texture fabric which I thought also wonderful.

I hope you have enjoyed being here on my blog...Please leave comments if you "sew" desire!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008