Friday, January 28, 2011

Memory Quilt

I have a friend that is a self taught Quilt Maker and has made many photo quilts. She started out making them for herself. As others have seen her photo quilts, she has been commissioned many times since to make them for families that have lost a loved one and created as a Memory Quilt for them. Raelene seems to choose the right fabrics, pictures and message to put on the quilt.
I have been lucky enough to quilt them for her. I choose an all over pattern and quilt it edge to edge except I don't quilt over the photos.

This Quilt was a gift for Raelenes friend that had lost her husband to cancer.
They always turn out lovely and I'm sure they bring comfort and peace to the family that receives them.

I like them so much that I will be having one made for my family, too!!!!