Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clisty's Signature Wedding Quilt

On February 2, 2002 (yes, it was Groundhog Day!) my daughter, Clisty was married. Instead of using a guestbook to sign in each guest, I made signature blocks from fabric. Each block was made with three pieces of fabric. Two colored or printed pieces of fabric on the outside of an off white piece of plain muslin. The guests would sign in the white area their name and any advice or congradulations they desired.
This is the quilt all put together. Clisty and Lloyd treasure this quilt as a remembrance of their special day! It's fun to search over the quilt to read the heartfelt and sometimes funny messages that will always be there to remind them of family and friends.....

At the top border I quilted in their name and wedding date!
(Excuse my toes at the bottom of the pic, I stand above my quilts when I take pictures of them!)

In the border I quilted reversing hearts with a little vine going through each heart.

In the body of the quilt I quilted a trailing vine throughout that coordinates with the heart vines.

In the back I used up and pieced some extra fabric to make the backing a bit larger. This purple is pretty true to the colors. Clisty's colors for her wedding were green and purple.

This back picture is not true to what the color is. I used different lighting in order to show you the quilting better. It is fun when a quilt is made with MEMORIES attached!!


Material Mary said...

Wow, I love that idea of making a wedding quilt. As my kids are getting older, I am going to do something like this as well. Thanks for sharing.

VeeV said...

Lovely wedding quilt!!!!

did you do the name embroidery by ??free motion sewing, or did you have an alphabet pantograph?