Friday, November 21, 2008

My Sister's Quilt

My sister, Brooke, is a fabulous quilter! She has a great eye for color and I'll show you with this quilt that she pieced. It is a broken star pattern and she has used the most lucious batik's in various shades of purple and teal. The pictures shows the teal as green but it really is a beautiful, rich TEAL.

I quilted a feather motif in each of the paralellogram shapes. In the light lavender spaces I put a swirl/ribbon motif.
In the deep purple outer borders I put a continuous feather plume that meets a square feather motif in each corner. The pieced chunky block border has a smaller, chunkier, continuous feather that wraps around.
The smaller dark purple border has a freehand little undulating swirl.
This was one quilt that I hated sending back to it's home!!! It is more beautiful than these pictures show! Thanks, Brooke, for letting me quilt this one!

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The Barth Family said...

Hi Holly! Your quilts are so beautiful! I just received the blanket you quilted for Nixon and it is so adorable! I have never seen a cuter pattern! You are so talented! Thank you so much for your time on this adorable blanket! Cindy